Flickers During Shows, Probably Frame Rate Issue


Firstly I would like to express my gratitude for the app. Infuse is truly a masterpiece, I purchased Pro Lifetime on the 14th May 2018, a month after trying it out. Infuse handles all my 4k files elegantly, it is the best wireless solution to playing 4k MKV on my Apple TV 4k.

But recently I’m having some issues watching 1080p H264 MKV (tv show) on Infuse on my Apple tv 4k. The videos flicker almost every time the camera changes, but there’s no other issues or quality drop on the video before and after the flicker. It is just the flicker during every single cam transition that is really bothering.

The only way I was able to reduce the occurrence of the flicker is when I switch the Apple tv format from 4K HDR 60hz to 4K HDR 24hz, any other hz in between would result in the flicker. The match frame rate option doesn’t work in my case too, probably because Infuse transcodes the video file directly, so Apple TV treats the video as native 60hz as opposed to the original 24hz.

However, 24hz is really bad on the eye when I’m operating the Apple tv interface. Also, setting it to 24hz does not eliminate the flicker entirely, merely reduces it to acceptable level.

I found a solution, that is by using the Plex app, the option to choose transcoding conversion helps as I was able to pick “convert automatically” which resolves my issue (able to set format back to HDR 60hz, and no flickers), but the only downside of this is that the app I’m using would then be Plex, not Infuse.

Is there any chance that the transcoding conversion solution would be added to Infuse? Or, is there any other solutions that I’ve missed that would eliminate the flicker? There’s no flicker when I watch these MKV shows on my mac so I thought the video files should be fine.

Thanks in advance. And keep up the great job on Infuse!

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Are you using a Sony TV with the X1 Extreme chipset?
If so check your AV Sync settings under the Hone - Settings - Sound menu.
Change it to Auto or Off.
Having it on causes the flashing issues on my set.

I’m using a Samsung ku6000. I went into the sound setting but I can’t find anything suspicious that I could tune to fix the flicker.

Sorry, the av sync issue is only related to Sony TVs.
I had the exact issue you described with my tv and that setting fixed it.

Ah I see. Mine is not so much an av sync issue. I think it has to do with the frame rate, flicker occurs everytime the video plays a camera transition.

Say when cam A is on X speaking, and then changes to cam B where Y speaks, a flicker occurs during the brief transition. The audio remains in sync with video, and the video plays smoothly too. Just a visual flicker, like what we get when we used to switch on CRT tv.

Hi, responding late to this but I’m having this exact problem playing back movies and shows with darker scenes flickering. It’s very distracting from watching shows. I’ve been reading around trying to figure this out and I’m wondering if it’s an Infuse/Plex issue with my Apple TV 4K not recognizing the frame rate on the videos I’m playing. They’re mostly 4K files with a Sony tv with X1 Extreme chipset. I tried going to the Sony TV settings menu and “Picture Mode” is set to Dolby Vision and grey’d out. “Auto Picture” is set to off and also grey’d out. Were there any solutions for this issue?