Flickering in scene changes

Hi guys,

I can’t really tell since when this is happening, but everytime a scene changes, the TV starts to flicker, as seen in the video. This was not always like this.
It’s a normal FHD TV, Apple TV 4K, the video files are usually 1080p.

First, I would check that the Match Content options are enabled on the Apple TV, as this will ensure the output mode matches the video being played.

Also, in the past there has been reports of some TVs not handling certain chroma settings very well. For this reason, it may be best to ensue the Apple TV chroma setting is set to 4:2:0 (and not 4:2:2 or 4:4:4) in Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio.

Match Content was turned on. Turned this option off, now it seems the flickering in scene changes is gone.

Interesting. I wonder if the Apple TV was switching into a mode that wasn’t supported by your TV? This usually doesn’t happen, but there are many variables when it comes to HDMI cables, TV settings, and other devices that a signal may pass through.

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