Flicker in Dark ( menu infuse flash )

Apple tv 4k (3rd) last update
Mt tv samsung 4k hdr
When there is a black video clip, stopping the video and opening the menu, frequent flickering occurs in the menu … The screen I have is 4k hdr10+ and the hdmi cable is original and supports 4k … Also, it was tried on another application, which is plex, and no flickering occurs in the menu … the flickering occurs only in Infuse menu when stuck on black screen

‏Main menu, infuse settings, no flash

‏The flash only occurs when there is a video or a clip in black color, and press the remote control below, and the list of subtitles, audio and video appears … This menu works as a flash

‏Other programs have been tried, such as plex, but no flashing occurs

Try stopping a video on a black clip, then press the down button on the Apple TV remote… A menu for video, audio, subtitles appears, this menu is blinking annoyingly

Where ???

The problem was from hdmi, not infuse…the problem was solved, thanks


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