Flashing Question Mark When Resetting


ATV Flash works just fine. I believe I have version 3.2.1 as I purchased, downloaded and installed the software on the 7th of August, 2009.

My problem is, when I chose the option in the menu to reset the atv back to factory, OR I hold down the ‘-’ and the home key for 6 seconds so that the atv reboots, it reboots into a black screen with a little picture of the apple tv and a flashing question mark above it.

I have waited as long as 4 hours for it to do something, but it doesn’t seem to want to do anything.

If I recycle power on the atv, it will boot into atv flash and work just fine. But I want to update everything and apparently, I can’t.

What should I do?

Mike Sims

The same problem is happening to me.
Question mark over and over again both if I unplug/replug of if I reset with the remote.
Everything went good with atvflash till I started the download of boxee: the download freezed, I unplugged the atv, from that moment I’m not able to acce the atv.
Seems a problem in the OS, what should I do to reach the “restore factory default” besides of the menu and minus combination?

Ps: I’m new to atvflash and the atv is brand new as well. I notice that all of the problems with the question mark are recent in the forum. maybe an issue with the the versions?