Flashing light of death!

Hello guys!

Sorry if this is wrong forum I post in.

Well, as the subject says, I’m suffering from the dreaded “flashing light of death” at the moment.

I used to have my ATV 2 Jailbroken (tethered) on FW 5.3 without any issues. I’ve never had problems starting it up in any way.

The thing is - I had it disconnected for about 6 months now, and I decided I wanted to connect it again. I missed it!

Well, I figured I had to start it up tethered again as I used to do, but the ATV wasn’t even recognized in iTunes. It didn’t show up. Just flashing light. I’ve tried both with and without powercable, tried removing after connecting, tried recovery mode with all cables attached. Still nothing. When I have it connected to the tv, it shows the apple logo on startup but after a few seconds screen goes black.

I have tried changing USB but, that hasn’t worked. Iv’e tried on three different computers, didn’t work. I’ve tried with two different versions of Seas0npass. Didn’t work.

The device don’t enter DFU mode. Also when I try to create new IPSW to re-jailbreak it just says: “Failed to detect apple tv etc…”

Iv’e tried to enter DFU mode several ways. Disconnecting cables, all ways possibles, leaving in cables and so on. I do notice the light flashes really fast on the ATV when holding down Menu + Down and also when trying to enter DFU, but shortly after, it just start to flash again.

Anyone with any thoughts on this?

I feel I’ve tried every solution suggested on different sites, so I’m not just asking because I’m too lazy to read up on it myself. (Been researching and reading and trying for the last 4 hours now).

Hope anyone have a suggestion or a fix for this.

Best regards and thanks in advance.