Flash XBMC Edition

Downloaded file
Dragged to Applications
Opens up but will not recognize any USB Drives.

Tried re-installing
Tried Rooting,

Still will not let me see/choose a drive.

Please help.

Hmm, what kind of flash drive(s) are you using?

Mac or Windows?

Tired both Transcend and Lexar, neither works. Tried another Lexar and finally it is recognized.

However, it was stuck on:

“Changing to Apply TV partition type…”
No disc selected and option below is “Close”

The option below has changed to “Start”
it has been on this for a while. I clicked “Start” and it closed the app.

should i retry?

I am trying to retry but no USB stick can be found.

Had to erase USB stick with disk utility (Apple) and starting process again.


Starting again.

Erased USB one more time.


(subsequently, reformatting the other USBs made them visible as well)