Flash without Flash / Subtitles / Recently Watched

Hello Guys


I’m new into FireCore aTV Flash.


I got pretty disapionted when I discovered that aTV Flash Couch Surfer can’t play Flash :frowning: Why Not ?


How do I get “Recently Watched” switched off ?

There is a setting piont looking like it could do this but it’s still there when I switch it off


I’m trying to play a episode of Weeds and in the library on the NAS there’s a subtitle file called srt, but no subtitles, why ?


With XBMC I had some danish TV apps, can I get this in aTV Flash or should I install XBMC ?

Just think it’s a bit tricky to install XBMC, so I would prefer not 


I hope you guys can help me

Because there isn’t a flash port for iOS. There was, at one point in time, an app called frash but it hasn’t been updated in awhile and wasn’t for the Apple TV only iPad/iPhone/iPod.

Unsure, are you using the Media Player or Plex for this?

Are you using the Media Player or Plex? The subtitles have to be enabled in the settings for the Media Player (unsure about Plex don’t have an OSX computer).

XBMC is easy to install. You can install plugins for XBMC as they work on all platforms that XBMC runs on.

:frowning: to flash and specially when the program is called aTV Flash


I have enabled Media Player so I think that must be the one I use, right ?


Just readed on the Web that XBMC ain’t ready for iOS 5 on ATV

How do I enable subtitles in Media Player on a ATV

The name is deceiving yes, however the software enables you to manage content in a flash directly on the Apple TV without needing to use SSH.

It is but slightly buggy at the moment with intermittent crashes. If you’re on a tethered jailbreak this could be annoying.

When you highlight the media menu and select Settings I do believe.

I can’t get “Recently Watched” switched off

In the setup menu, there is a point to set “Sete Indikationer” - That’s in Danish and means something like recently watched abd it’s set to off but it’s still visible

I have relaunced the ATV

Please help me

Found a place to CLEAR til Recently Watched, so it OK for now


But if it’s possible turn it off it would be better