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For Gods sake can someone with a little knowledge of the aTV flash (preferably the support people) please fix the FLASH ISSUE WITH THE APPLE TV. Most of the apps in Boxee dont work as they need FLASH!!! I have tried numerous pages through the forums for fixing it and IT DOESNT WORK !!! DO YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT??? IT DOESNT WORK!!. Most of us purchased this software as it says it is EASY to operate. Most of us now are experts in programing trying to get this damn software to do what it is supposed to.


I now have 4 different versions of CoreAudioKit.framework and followed instructions to put in documents folder!! NONE OF THEM WORK!! STILL NO FLASH!! BOXEE IS ABOUT AS USEFULL AS A ONE ARMED TRAPEZE WITH AN ITCHY ASS!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix it in the next update. You will find your forum questions will drop by at least half!!

Any other suggestions to get is working, i am listening!! :evil:


I finally managed to get it working.  Its almost like it, just one day decided to work.  However playback with ABC iview and Justin TV in boxee seems extra choppy.  I know tech support say that adobe flash and apple tv dont work well together, however it just seems to be adobe flash and aTV flash becasue it worked pretty good with the free atvusb creator.  Hopefully aTV flash can fix the issue as I prefer to use aTV Flash.

Anyone who wants help trying to get it going let me know as I have spent hours, days fixing this thing

Hi there,

I'd love some advice in getting iView working.

I've spent hours scouring the web for a definitive solution with-out success.



This is what i did.  I hope it works for you too,

1. I reset my aTV back to factory

2.  I then updated my aTV to newest firmware (obviously before you put aTV flash back on)

3.  I then installed aTV flash, latest version

4.  I then went ahead and installed the following in order:



5.  I then copied CoreAudioKit.framework to the documents folder (like the forums say)

6.  I then started installing everything else in this order

flash player (via maintenence menu)

then nito TV smart installer

and any other updates you can find

Low and behold flash works in Boxee etc

Note:  ABC iview seems to be really choppy playback.  I think it is to do with aTV flash because the free version of atvcreator seemed to work fine.

Hope it helps !! but keep at it!!


Thanks for the guide, followed it to the letter,  I've just installed flash and it worked first time, BBC iplayer is a bit choppy but watchable.  Watching IT Crowd at the min and it's playing fine.

Thanks again!

Just letting you know it was actually me, bandaids who posted the solution.  I forgot to login when I posted and it came up anonymous.  But all in all I am glad you all were able to get it going.


If anyone else has trouble let me know as I spent hours and hours getting this damn thing going,





I really want my Flash to work also, but i dont really want to reset everything, i've only just filled the thing up.  im bored of reinstaling the core audio kit over and over again. Im lazy and i want it to just work.  have you found an easier option?


Sorry, like i said, I like you spent many hours trying to get this so simple problem to work.  All I can say is give it go and if it doesnt work then just give up for now.  But it does work.




 R Thanks for getting back, yeah i know how you feel ive already gave it so much time, but i suppose im going to have bit the bullet and do it.

(in a way i hope it breaks so i can go and get a Mac Mini instead and bolt it to my TV!!!)

Just a note on the whole flash player fiasco,

Many people have been blaming apple TV for having a crappy flash playback, but just to clear up I am now starting to blame Boxee.  I have since installed XBMC Dharma and I now have all apps working such as:

BBC Iplayer, iTV Player, Hulu, ABC IView, CBS, ABC etc etc

All the above apps play flawlessly and no stutter in XBMC Dharma.

Please post your thoughts,


Nice Bandaids!!! So is XBMC Dharma available via the XBMC install itself (some menu selection to update?), or do I need to get that separate and install? I am not very knowledgable about XBMC but will be getting smart fast. As the Apple TV Gen 1 seems to play with XBMC the best.

Does XBMC do NETFLIX also? Does it do it well?

Also read that XBMC can do DLNA streams.

XBMC Dharma is available through the boxee/xbmc menu in the downloads section.  The normal version of xbmc 9.11, you then have boxee alpha and boxee beta and then you should have xbmc svn (which installs dharma).

Just a heads up, dharma is a little different to xbmc 9.11 in installing addons.  Your old apps for xbmc 9.11 will not work on dharma, but all in all it is far better than using boxee.  Boxee appears to need a bit of work for apple tv intergration.

In answer to your second question, I am not sure if there is a netflix addon for dharma as I dont have a netflix account and havnt bothered with it myself.

If you need any help with installing addons, let me know.


Looks like I can get NETFLIX via my PLAYON server streaming to the XBMC. Hope I can get Dharma XBMC to accept a DLNA stream.


getting closer to NETFLIX on APPLE TV G1 really close. might actually work. I know PLAYON as a tool works very good with my DLNA Samsung HDTV.

thanks for the encouragement, bandaids, to continue playing and fixing up this.

Will be cool to take a $50 device (old Apple TV G1) and hand it to my relatives for connection and use with an old TV.

Keeps crashing after five minutes. Not sure what or where I need to adjust. Many DLNA (aka (UPnP) streams crash like this. Trying to adjust the software to get it to work consistantly.

stopped crashing. Needed to adjust PLAYON for a medium stream video qulaity. Now will not crash and works great.