Flash Player on Firefox

I too purchased this software for predominantly the browser functionality.

but now i have to find the coreaudiokit for this to actually play bbc iplayer vids etc?

can you download this file from anywhere?

i presume once i have the piece of software “smart ftp client” should be able to put it in the right place?

also a lsight side question, why does Firefox’s menu’s sit just off screen? is there a way to bring to it down and also have the browser window fully maximized to my screen?

Ok, you’ll have to excuse me if this seems really stupid but, reading this from NitoTV’s Wiki;

“The smart installer is the crown jewel of the Installation Manager. This little gem will either search mounted volumes for an intel computer running 10.4.x (you MUST have the main root volume mounted from the source computer for intel computer installation to work) OR it will search in ~/Documents for the 10.4.9 or 10.4.10 intel combo updates (the full dmg file NOT the pkg file from inside the dmg). (you must download and put these in ~/Documents on your own)”

cant i then just FTP the file found here http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/macosx_updates/macosx10410comboupdatev11intel.html into my documents folder then surely that would contain the coreaudiokit?

at the very least what does that have over 10.4.9?

:oops: :?: :slight_smile:

Any ATV Staff care to comment? :roll: :?:

I got the flash player working properly and am now having a few other problems. Video content on abc.com wants to install another plugin to view full episodes. However, the plugin won’t install. Any suggestions? Also, though the flash player is working, I’ve noticed that videos on Hulu have a terrible drag. Is that my wireless connection? I can put a little effort into running an ethernet cable from the router, but don’t want to do that without knowing if it will fix the problem.

Does anyone have a copy of coreaudiokit.framework they could mail me? I’ve tried the version included in the XCode sdk (but it doesn’t seem to work - still get no flash video displayed).


I know this is an old thread, but I'm curious if anyone has been successful getting NFL Gamepass to work.  It requires the latest adobe flash and even with the new release provided by aTV, I'm unable to get it to work.