Flash not working with 3.6.3

I have followed your (easy) instructions to enable Flash, but it doesn’t work.

  1. I have installed the latest version of 3.6.3,
  2. copied the entire CoreAudioKit.framework folder from an Intel Mac (10.5.something) via WinSCP into the …/frontrow/documents folder,
  3. installed Flash via aTV and finally
  4. rebooted the system (via power-off)

After booting up again, the menu shows that Flash is supposed to be installed (i.e. I haven’t received an error message at any time), but I still see the little blue Lego brick when going to flash enabled sites like Adobe.com.

Any help? I have sent an email to aTVFlash with no avail, so maybe this is a better way to communicate?


  1. The “CoreAudioKit.framework” folder consists of many aliases (indicated by the little symbol on top of some files), but I guess that’s ok? But it also does include some “real” files.
  2. The Wiki install instruction mentions a “file” to be copied, but in fact “CoreAudioKit.framework” is a folder, not a file (or am I doing something wrong?).
  3. Anyone got the “CoreAudioKit.framework” folder from a 10.5.xx Mac, or shall I try to find an older version (like 10.4.xx)?
  4. The documents folder where the “CoreAudioKit.framework” folder should be copied into is not a root folder on aTV, but part of the frontrow folder, right?

That’s all I could think of. Any help would be appreciated.


Ok, after some nice feedback from the aTV Flash support, I have realized that I had two problems:

  1. It has to be the CoreAudioKit.framework from Tiger (I’m PC user so I didn’t know that 10.5.x is actually Leopard), meaning it must be from version 10.4.x. Fortunately, I had found 10.4.10 install discs in the office, so I extracted the framework folder using Pacifist and copied them to the /documents folder.

  2. Webplugins weren’t enabled, so I enabled them in the Internet>Settings menu in aTV.

I can finally see Flash movies now, but they are quite choppy - but I guess that’s the way it is.

Thanks, aTV Flash, for your kind support.

After you put the CoreAudioKit.framework in the Docyuments folders do you run that first before anything else? I am not having the luck of getting FLASH up and running just yet. I followed that wiki page and still have the blue box. Is there a way to tell what version of CoreAudioKit I have when i go through the folder…?

I can check my version of the CoreAudioKit.framework later today and tell you, what exactly should be in the folders along with file sizes. Not sure if you can tell the verison number, though. The blue brick is most certainly because of a wrong version. I had the blue brick because I had 10.5.x. After I switched to 10.4.10, it was fine. I just forgot to enable Web Plugin from the settings menu.

Well I am not a MAC guy and I have a friend who has a mac that helped me out and gave me that folder but its from 10.5.8…

Any chance you can send that folder to me the 10.4.10? I can seem to find it any other way out there on the internet… If its to big for email, maybe FTP or something…

Ok, here are the exact contents of the said version:

(Sorry, I forgot to send this earlier)


Versions →

A →

Resources →


Note: The → denotes a folder

Hope this helps.