Flash not working on CS 4.0.3

So, to clarify, the CoreAudioKit.framework file from 10.4.7, 10.4.10, 10.4.11 SHOULD work?

I have access to 10.4.11 and 10.4.10 but not below that :cry:

We’re looking into to a few issues that have been reported with Flash video in the current version of Couch Surfer Pro. We should have an updated version available soon.

Thank you for your business and time.

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Thank you!

guardianmax, thanks for the reply! so, you are saying Apple TV is running Tiger OS X, hence the CoreAudioKit.framework folder from Snow Leopard will not work, right? That means I need the CoreAudioKit.framework folder from an Intel Tiger OS X system correct? Hmmmm…not good. Also, in the second part of my question, how does one “run the Flash installer again” as you suggest? When I go to the Plugins, it shows Flash installed. If I click on it, it says Flash already installed and returns me to the menu! I can’ find a way to “re-install” Flash. Can you help with that?

Thanks & God Bless!

Don’t get excited, even with the correct file it doesn’t work :evil:

I have wasted hours of my life now trying to get this app to do what the developers “claim” it should do, hours I will never get back, so I have stopped now and just put it down to a bad experience :frowning:

You are much better off with one of the free hacks available on the net, at least they do what they claim and nothing more!

Yeah, I identify with your frustration! I spent a whole Saturday (thankfully it was a cold, gray, rainy day), messing with aTV Flash trying to get it to work as described! This could be a great piece of software and indeed exactly what I was looking for…IF IT WORKED! Guess that’s the key, right?! I am just going to hope and pray that the aTV Flash staff, developers and support tech will work to get it right! The software has great potential and I think it can be tweaked to do what they promise. So, my friend, hang in there and pray for the future aTV Flash!


For $50 this app should work perfectly “out of the box”! We shouldn’t have to post endless threads stating obvious flaws to even get a reaction out of the developers and Mods :evil:

I bought this to play all my files wirelessly from my iMac without having to convert them, surf the internet without having to turn on my MBP and stream football matches via VLC…

Since downloading the app on Monday it does NONE OF THESE THINGS!

I have installed VLC as per the wiki and it is there showing under applications but when I select it it just makes the ATV confused. Don’t get me started on the others!

This should be rolled out free as a BETA until it works, they are using us as guinea pigs and charging us for it! In the UK there are laws against this I’m sure :?:

If you’re having trouble setting up network streaming or any other features please contact us directly, and we can help get you back on track.

I recommend that all the crazys out there relax a bit. I can’t believe that people could get so upset about not being able to view flash on their TV! Use your computer would be an obvious fix for now until they figure out the issue!

Uh, hello, I resent being called a “crazys” (your misspelling!) and I am not upset about not being able to use Flash on my TV. What I am upset is purchasing a product that has been misrepresented and does not do what it was described as being able to do. Period. Go to the aTV Flash website and read their promotional information and see if the software as described there does what they say it will do. Thanks so much for your valuable input!

So I do thank you for your response to my email regarding how to get flash working with firefox. The problem is, I am on a PC and your response seemed to hint at me needing coreaudio file…which i cannot for the life of me find. The only two left that i did try to acquire don’t seem to have any seeders.

I actually really like what aTV is doing other than the inability to get this file on to see if i can watch tv content online. How do I go about getting a file that I cannot get to fix a problem that is fixable. I have had a ton of trial and error to get things to where i want them (2 restores and reintalls) and really don’t want to go thru that again. Can anyone ‘hint’ at where in the world a guy could find the coreaudio file when googleing hasn’t led him to the answer?

Again, I love what the product does asides from the having to basically not have it be idiot proof as advertised (what can I say, I am an idiot so it wasn’t as easy as it sounded : )

Any help would be appreciated - if i get the video over firefox running, I’m good to go with this thing and happy as heck…if not, its only so - so!

Seasons Greetings from a newbie

Do not waste your time trying to get this file, it will not work, I spent hours restoring an old mack back to OSX 10.4.10 just to get the file and after all that it still did not work!

This is a below par app that a company is charging an extortionate amount for, for any prospective buyers out there - [size=200]AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!![/size]

Download XBMC which is free and reliable, and most of all, DOES WHAT IT PROMISES TO DO AND NOTHING MORE!

If this were a UK based company I would be reporting them to trading standards :evil:

Just to reiterate, we are working hard to resolve the issues relating to Flash video in Couch Surfer Pro. All other features of aTV Flash are working as expected.

If you are having trouble with anything else, please email us here:

Thanks, guardianmax! I appreciate all the efforts and look forward to a enjoying aTV Flash soon! :smiley:

OK, have the ATV Flash developers gotten any closer to finding an answer to the Flash issue!? I am another victim of the CouchSurfer-Flash issue and am anxious for the fix to this problem…the “internet” doesn’t really work without flash nowadays :wink:

They are dealing with a pretty major update, just expect some growing pains.

I’ve installed the flash plugin before adding the frameworks. I thought of reinstalling but the installer says flash has already been installed. I have followed all the directions in the wiki as well.

Just like the countless multitude have done with no success. You are left with three choices: one,grin and bear it (that is, just wait until the aTV Flash support people decide to fix this software code problem; two, if within the guarantee, apply for a refund; three, ditch it and chalk it up to a beta tester promo situation. I’m personally hoping (and praying) that aTV will fix this so the program works as described…and SOON! :roll:

Hey aTV Staff and Support: Any update on getting Adobe Flash to work properly??? Any progress report or ETA on a fix??? Come on, guys, help us all out with some info!!! You can really make it an awesome New Year if you would fix this Flash issue!!!

Any update on the status of getting Flash to work again?

Its been over a month since we’ve heard anything.

I got a “tweet” 9 days ago from aTV Flash support saying “Flash video feature is currently under development…should be available soon.”

Believe it when I see it.

Interestingly, the folks at Patchstick saw my complaints on Twitter and posted this:

“Check our product. Nicer plugin management + much more functionality. CouchSurfer just doesn’t work anymore since Brandon stoppd”