Flash not working on CS 4.0.3

I put coresudiokit in documents and installed flash from the plugins but still no flash. Hulu says it still needs to be installed. Any help? Yes I rebooted.

I’m having the same problem. I followed the instructions exactly (Enable Flash Wiki). The only difference is I use Leopard (10.6.2) instead of Tiger. Can someone help?

Simply the same.Flash doesn,t work with coach surfer.

aTV Flash People. Is this real? http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=457 ???

me, three! See my other post…but bottomline: Flash does not work. Period.

ME too. Can they at least state it doesn’t work, so we can do something else with our time.

Amen! Indeed I just posted that exact sentiment in another forum post: An acknowledgment of the problem is helpful in knowing that it is not something we are doing but an software problem in the code, which is what I suspect. As I have posted previously, there is this ominous sentence in the Wiki knowledgebase about installing Flash: “Unfortunately newer versions from Leopard or Snow Leopard will not be compatible with the AppleTV.” This is in reference to the CoreAudioKit.framework file! So…come on aTV Flash, come on Moderators help us out, please!!!

OMG i just spent the whole day trying to fix this and then i see this thread… at least I saw it now otherwise i would have gone even more insane…

an official notice from aTV Flash would have been nice before we tried everything to get it working…

PLEASE lets get a fix aTV Flash!


Me Too - very frustrating

Silence is NOT golden in this instance !!!

I have submitted a contact form on the following URL - http://www.atvflash.com/contact.php

Maybe a few of you guys should do this too.


That was the FIRST thing I did when I encountered the Flash issue! Still no response with email, contact form or posting in this Forum! I know that the Moderator(s) are posting in the Support Forum in other places…wonder why they won’t even comment or address this issue??? I am beginning to believe that if word gets out that Flash does not work with Leopard or Snow Leopard systems, aTV will lose probably most of it’s business for Mac. Even so, why acknowledge the problem and THEN FIX IT!

Hmmmm…wonder if anybody has said PLEASE?!

We’re sorry for the trouble. The most likely cause of the issue you are experiencing may be related to Adobe Flash not being properly installed. The most common reason for this is not having the proper version of CoreAudioKit.framework present on the AppleTV.

The official guide for enabling Flash can be seen at the link below.


So this is the response I get… Don’t you guys think we have tried this a million times? Yes I do have the proper version of CoreAudioKit.framework installed.

IT IS NOT WORKING… Please give us a helpful response other than directing us to that page all the time… Like maybe if you guys can confirm it is working in the latest aTV Flash 4.0.3 on ATV 3.0.1?

Can anyone confirm they have it working on 4.0.3 aTV Flash on ATV 3.0.1 with Couch Surfer 2.0b?

Got the same respond!

Hey you guys at ATVflash we’re paying customers,
the least you can do is telling us it’s not working but you’re trying to solve it (or not.)

If you are doing this EXACTLY as described in the WiKi and it is still not working you can claim your money back via Paypal as “goods not as described” (if you paid this way).

I have just bought ATV Flash and installed it yesterday, love it, but now I am looking in to things I am not happy with the Flash issue, and I find the lack of feedback from the Dev team/admin/mods is appalling :evil:

I got the exact same response. Pitiful. As I posted previously, I think it is about a money (read:greed) issue: if aTV were to admit that Flash did not work with the current Mac OS X and the current version of Apple TV, then virtually no one would buy and install it! Like moi, for example. I definitely would not have bought and installed this software if I had known that Flash would not work. Most of the websites etc, even YouTube and GodTube, use Flash. Sure I could get my money back, accordingly to the aTV Guarantee of 15 days money back if not satisfied, but I like the software. I JUST WANT IT TO WORK AS IT IS DESCRIBED! Please aTV Support and Moderators, talk to us!!! Let us know what’s going on with this issue and the probability of a solution.


Yeah well i hope you guys replied to their robot responses like I did and directed them to this thread with a link

If you have not done so, please do so in order for us to get some attention here…

Adobe Flash should be working (if enabled properly). We’ll do a bit a testing and see if we can drill down what may be going on.

Sorry for any trouble.

Thank you for a response, finally!

All of us have followed your wiki instruction to the T and it is still not working, so there muse be another issue somewhere.

Thanks again for acknowledging us, we will wait for your response :shock:

Guardianmax, how about the statement in the aTV Support document, Enable Flash, that states newer versions (of CoreAudioKit.frameworks) in Leopard and Snow Leopard are not compatible with Apple TV??? Does this apply even after the recent Apple TV upgrade (3.0.1) and the upgrade to aTV? My other question remaining unanswered: Does it matter if Flash was installed PRIOR to FTP’ing the CoreAudioKit.frameworks folder into the Documents folder of the Apple TV, instead of transferring the folder and then installing the Flash plugin???

Thanks for your help in this important matter!

Yes, the AppleTV is still running Tiger (specifically 10.4.7) so unfortunately Leopard and Snow Leopard versions will not be compatible.

If you ran the Flash installer prior to having CoreAudioKit in the Documents folder, that is ok. Just ensure the CoreAudioKit folder is in place, then run the Adobe Flash installer again.