Flash Install

Hello All:

Simple question and one I am sure asked many times. How do you get the freaking Adobe Flash to work? I have place the Tiger OS file CoreAudioKit.framework folder into the documents file on the Apple TV, installed flash and then pulled up Hulu on Firefox on the Apple TV. Nothing. Website loads but am unable to view the shows. Any ideas?



Did you follow the guide?


I followed the simple instructions on the wiki.atvflash page. That simply stated to place the CoreAudioKit.framework file into the documents file on the Apple TV. Below I pasted what that page stated. Now on the link you posted, the author says to: “Never install Adobe Flash from Install Software through the nito TV Settings Menu.” He also wrote about two additional files which need to ftp to the Apple TV. My questions are:

  1. where do you find the recovery.dmg (would that be on the Tiger install disc)?

  2. Do you simple copy the entire CoreAudioKit file to the document file or must you simple copy the items in that file?

  3. He mentions /Users/frontrow/Documents folder on the Apple TV -I simple see Documents (is the Users/frontrow the default)?

  4. Finally, if I installed as explained below, what would I need to reverse in order to complete this procedure?



Enable Flash
Flash video is not currently supported in Couch Surfer Pro. The process described below can be used to enable Adobe Flash video in Firefox and Boxee.

Adobe Flash can be enabled on the AppleTV to view Internet video from sites like Hulu, CBS, and ABC.com. Enabling Flash requires a ‘CoreAudioKit.framework’ file from Mac OSX Tiger. Due to licensing restrictions we’re not able to distribute this file. The CoreAudioKit.framework file can be located on a system running Mac OSX Tiger (Intel), or from the Mac OSX 10.4.10 Tiger (Intel) restore discs. Unfortunately newer versions from Leopard or Snow Leopard will not be compatible with the AppleTV.
Locate CoreAudioKit.framework File

  1. If using an Intel Mac running Tiger copy the CoreAudioKit.framework folder located in: /System/Library/Frameworks/

  2. If using Intel Tiger restore discs, you can use a software program called Pacifist to extract the required file. The CoreAudioKit.framework will be located in: /System/Library/Frameworks/
    Install Adobe Flash & CoreAudioKit on AppleTV

  3. Using Cyberduck or WinSCP, transfer the CoreAudioKit.framework via FTP to the Documents folder on the AppleTV.

  4. On the AppleTV, navigate to Maintenance --> Install Extras and select Adobe Flash

  5. Restart the AppleTV and Adobe Flash videos can now be viewed in Boxee and Firefox.