Flash in Couch Surfer

How worthless is the internet experience with a browser without flash? Very.

Strange how a program that is free to everyone (flash) has to be a royal pain in the rear end to get?

So, I jumped through about 50 hoops (downloading tiger iso’s, downloading Pacify or whatever, extracting it, etc) to get access to the CoreAudioKit.framework. Of course, when I connect via ftp, I can find no folder called frontrow. So, since I did read that the folder to copy it to is the “default” folder so I just copied the complete CoreAudioKit.framework folder into the top level, along with a whole host folders such as Applications, atvflash, etc.

Rebooted. Visited some sites. Nothing. Just the lovely little diamond shape wherever flash is supposed to be.

So, I’ve paid good money to get a crappy browser that I can’t make any better. Anyone have any ideas?


We have a guide located here:

Once you copied the file via FTP, you will need to enter the Terminal commands listed there.

Flash installation will be more streamlined in the next version.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response. I sincerely hope it will be more streamlined in the newer version, because at this point it appears I won’t be able to use it in this version.

I have followed the procedure, so obviously I’m doing something wrong. Here is what I did:

  1. Using Pacifist I extracted a folder called CoreAudioKit.framework from OS 10.4 Tiger disks.
  2. Using an FTP program, I copied the folder, unzipped, into the main default folder on my ATV. The same folder as Applications, Documents, and Movies as well as several others.
  3. Using Terminal I logged in as frontrow using frontrow as the password.
  4. Once logged in via SSH I issued these commands in this order:
    a) sudo mv CoreAudioKit.framework /System/Library/Frameworks (Which I assume moves the whole folder to that directory? The folder was no longer in the same directory when I refreshed in my FTP program.)
    b) sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudioKit.framework (which changes the ownership of the files to root I assume. I’m not sure what the wheel indicates)
  5. I rebooted my ATV.

Still get the annoying little diamonds all over screens.

Knowing a little about Unix commands, I simply cut and pasted the commands and got no complaints from Terminal.

At a loss. Stuck.

What type of Tiger discs were they? It must be taken from an Intel version of Tiger 10.4.7 or later.


More wasted time.

Taking you at your word, I found another Tiger disk set which is 10.4.11, which I assume qualifies as Tiger 10.4.7 or later.

I copied it to the default folder and entered the commands exactly as I detailed above.


Still seeing the lovely little diamonds wherever flash should be.

Seriously, I’ve set up complete Linux samba servers in Ubuntu to handle file sharing for dozens of people with much less trouble than this.

Here’s the thing, Apple produced two versions of 10.4.x, Intel and PPC. Plugins for PPC do not work on Intel Macs and Intel plugins do not work on PPC Macs. It was not until 10.5 that Apple integrated the two and made a Universal OS. I understand being frustrated, but this is hacking the AppleTV. Apple locks the AppleTV (at least tries to) for a reason and trying to get some things working can be a little harder than others. What version of AppleTV and aTV Flash are you using? If you are using aTV Flash 3.3.5, installing Flash is much easier. In 3.3.5, you can go to

Maintenance > Install Adobe Flash

and just make sure you transfer the CoreAudioKit to the Documents folder.

Dear Sir,

I appreciate your continued efforts to help me.

However, when I paid $49 for this product I got the distinct impression that a lot of the hacking had been done by your organization. All I would pretty much have to do was write it to flash and reboot and all kinds of cool things would happen. So, in other words, I’m not a hacker. There are plenty of “hacker” sites that will instruct me how to hack without charging me for it.

That being said, I’m willing to continue with this exercise for now.

I AM using ATV 3.3.5. I AM using the Core Audio Kit I extracted from my Tiger 10.4.11 Intel Discs on my INTEL Mac. The folder is called CoreAudioKit.framework.

I have ftp-d the complete folder, unzipped, to the Documents Folder on my Apple TV which is up to date and running 2.2. Also in the documents folder is a scripts folder, nitoinstall.log, and a disk image called MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg. I see nothing else in the folder.

When I go to the Maintenance menu, I see five items to choose from. They are:


I see nothing about having to do with Adobe Flash. I hope I don’t have this much trouble with Quicktime as that doesn’t appear to be installed either.

So, either I am doing something fundamentally wrong, or I’ve installed something incorrectly, or your documentation is flawed.

Thank you.

Hello? I would appreciate some additional advice.

Two weeks, no further response.

Are my questions that hard? Please provide further help.

Thank you.