Flash doesn't work in Firefox

I AM able to get ‘Air Mouse’ running, Installed ‘Mozilla Firefox’ and ‘Adobe Flash’, but Firefox only shows white boxes where flash content should be.

The only thing I can think it might be. is that I had first installed ‘CoreAudioKit.framework’ from an original MacOS 10.4 installation disk using ‘Pacifist’ to extract it and then using ‘Cyberduck’ to upload it to tv’s ‘Documents’ folder…however…I read somewhere that you needed to get that file from a slightly newer macOS, so I got an original installation image from Apple’s site for OS 10.4.9 (Intel). HOWEVER, the file in that OS appears to be called '‘CoreAudio.framework’…it has lost the word ‘kit’ from the title.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

PS. Isn’t there any way to contact the manufacturer of aTV Flash? I know it’s an inexpensive product, but a little support from someone who REALLY knows what their doing would be incredibly helpful…make at least ME a happy customer…foster great client relations…and spur sales…hint hint developer if your’e reading this.

CoreAudio.framework and CoreAudioKit.framework are two different items. The AppleTV needs the CoreAudioKit.framwork from an Intel Tiger system, or from the 10.4.10 restore disc. There is no way around this unfortunately and the file is not hosted anywhere online.

but…I mean…then…basically…there’s no way to play flash video…realistically…I mean…really…come on…

Thanks for your reply though…

Even when Adobe Flash is enabled on the AppleTV it’s not great. The AppleTV’s processor is just not up to the task of streaming full-screen Flash video.