Flash doesn't work & cannot install it

I’ve installed the Tiger Intel version of the CoreAudioKit.framework file, but whenever I try to install Adobe Flash thru the Install Extras the download doesn’t complete and I get the message “An error occurred”.
Under nitoTV/Settings/Install Software, it shows that Flash Flash is already installed when you click on Install Flash.
Is there a way to manually install Flash via FTP or do you know another way to make Flash work?

Thank you!

I’m having a similar problem. I clicked ‘Install Flash’ under maintenance before I copied the CoreAudioKit.framework, and now whenever I try the installation process again, I get the message that Flash was already installed. How can I convince the installer to give it another shot?

I had the same problem (installed Flash prior to putting the CoreAudioKit.framework folder in the ATV Documents folder) and numerous attempts to install it kept telling me that flash was already installed.

To rectify the problem, I assumed that the ATV System would require the CoreAudioKit.framework folder to be in the same location as it was in Tiger. So using Cyberduck, I just moved the CoreAudioKit.framework folder from the ATV Documents folder directly to Library/Frameworks/ and then restarted the ATV. Now Flash works fine in Couch Surfer.

When I try to put CoreAudioKit.framework folder in Library/Frameworks, it says permission denied ?

Can you help me ?


i need help for creating the permissions for this too.