flash black for life upgrade


I keep seeing that I am eligible for the flash black for life upgrade( for $29.99) to receive updates for life for free. I also saw that once the ATV 3 jailbreak is released I would be upgraded to that at no charge (with my current subscription). My question is, if I upgrade to the flash black for life, will this include for the ATV3 or just ATV2?

Thank you


29.99 is only for a years worth of updates, lifetime is 59.99.As far as atv3 upgrade not sure but I would think so.

Some users will see a $29.99 renewal special in their account. This special applies to all aTV Flash (black) updates, including ATV2 and ATV3 (when available).

I signed up while Black was still in Beta and loved it on my ATV2, which I sold and bought an ATV3 when it came out on the strength of it coming soon for the 3.  I now have 30 days left on my sub, do I upgrade to lifetime on the chance of Black being released on the ATV3?  I’ve missed out on half of the time of my sub already… decisions…

any word?