flash baseb content in Boxee won't play anymore

Last week I had to factory reset and reinstall my ATV.
Since then I can’t get iPlayer, Youtube, 4OD and other Flash based content to work in Boxee. All it shows is the interface of the player window, without the player that is, you know like all the buttons are there to go to different categories and most popular etc. Just like when you go to the Youtube site and the movie plays and you have all the other stuff around it. Sorry for my bad explanation. I hope someone understands :slight_smile:

It always worked fine before I had to reinstall the whole thing. I have reinstalled it like 5 times now, but it won’t work. WMV based content works fine.

Does anybody has a clue?

I’m getting desperate… :cry:

Thanks in advance!

Some videos in Boxee will require Adobe Flash to be installed. We have a guide for doing this here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Enable_Flash

But before I had to do the factory reset etc. It worked fine! I had Flash installed through Install Extras menu and everybody was happy.
Never needed the CoreAudioKit.

I managed to get a copy of the CoreAudioKit.framework
I did everything according to the wiki.
After the ATV restarts the CoreAudioKit.framework folder is not in the Documents folder on the ATV anymore.

Flash based content still won’t play. iPlayer is kaput, 4OD is kaput, Youtube is kaput. :x

The Adobe Flash installer will move the CoreAudioKit.framework to the proper location so it’s normal for it to disappear from the Documents folder. Where did you obtain your version from? The AppleTV will require an Intel Tiger version as newer versions (from Leopard or Snow Leopard) will not be compatible.