Flash and HULU help please...

Hello -

I am new to using ATV-Flash and am loving it, and the only reason I just got an ATV a week back (did some research and found this program and ordered the atv).

I have the latest version of ATVF, and the ATV is up to date.
I have done all the installations and updates for ATVF.

Each time I have loaded (then unloaded, reset, reload atvf, etc), I get the same message when I attempt to load HULU, that I need to “install Flash 10.0 in order to view.”
(or, that Flash 10.0 needs to be installed)
I have even attempted to download from the Safari browser-that doesn’t work, and am unable to load it onto the ATV into the documents folder to have ATVF load it.

I have already Pacifist and Cyberduck installed on my MBP, and have done what it instructed to load the file into the ATVF program, into the “documents” folder
so that I am able to enable Flash to run Hulu; it is however not working and I have followed this step several times now.
-I have a copy of Tiger, loaded it and removed the file accordingly (currently am running snow leopard updated).
My level of computer/Mac tech is high - going into the system (or registry on Windows) is not a big deal to me, instruction of code and all that-I get it…

I have read several posts about this issue, but seems I have followed from what I am reading the instructions correctly.
If anyone is able to help with this issue - it would be great!!!
I am not sure if I am missing something, or simply this is just not going to work.

Thanks much and cheers :wink:

You’re not the only one who followed the instructions with no avail. I’ve all but given up.

Try following this guide: http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2629&p=11172#p11098

It is written for 3.0.1, but will work for 3.0.2 also with the following limitations: “This is a minor update, and some iPhone ‘Remote’ app controls are not fully working.”

I don’t think flash works in Safari, I only got it working in FireFox, is this the problem?

By Safari, I assume you mean CouchSurfer, and yes, under AppleTV 3.x Adobe Flash will not work. This has been announced however: