flac playback

Quick question: Will the media player support .flac playback? I sure hope so as this is the format that I archive all of my music to. 



Not sure if I was specific enough. Okay…I have a ton of .flac files on my Synology NAS and media player has no problem seeing video files, but it doesn’t see any audio files (ie. flac). Am I mistaken? Isn’t the media player supposed to support audio as well as video?

For now, I’ve been able to use XBMC to playback my .flac files. It would be nice to see the files in media player, though.



Hi - we are planning to add support for FLAC and other audio files soon.


I’m a new user Apple TV and infuse.

Any update about the Flac playback plz?

Are you using a second generation Apple TV or one of the two new ones the gen 4 or 5?

Apple TV 4K

If you have a good player with tag compatible ?


I was just curious, you’re posting in a sub forum for the second gen ATVs so I wanted to make sure. Infuse currently does not play audio only files but there are currently running threads in the Suggestions forum you can add your support to for feature requests.

Here’s one Adding a music category?

Sorry new on this forum, and I arrived here following a search by keywords

Not a problem! Welcome to the forum! Just in case you haven’t had a chance to dig around, you can see what’s on the short list of upcoming features in the first tacked thread in the suggestions sub forum and it’s updated regularly. That’s here Upcoming Features (updated 12/19/23) and the current versions ATV forum is here Apple TV - Firecore