“Fixed cast and crew indexing”

Continuing the discussion from Upcoming Features (updated 12/26/22):

@james , does this pending update adress the issues I noted where TMDB derived-cast entries are indexed separately from TMDB-derived cast entries found in local .nfo files?

… or (2) fix the inability to search for cast and crew (and collections) and navigate to and select items from the search results, or (3) allow displaying all cast members listed in Infuse’s own internal database for each episode/movie instead of limiting display to only first 20?

… or (4) fix the issues with not correctly displaying the current seasons’ regulars?

@james ?

The upcoming changes for 7.5 are targeted at fixing issues with Emby servers.

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Dang. :frowning:

Any ideas on any of the above?

(Thanks for responding.)