Fix Shuffle on Tv Shows

Could you make an option to shuffle unwatched tv shows because sometimes when I shuffle tv shows it plays the same episode over and over. So I was wondering if you could add an option to shuffle unwatched TV shows. Thanks


I just created an account to bring up this issue, but saw your comment. The second time I used shuffle it played the same shows it just played the day before. Since then it has repeated a lot of the same episodes. I started keeping track out of curiosity. In the past 3 days, now this is a show that has over 300 episodes, going through 10 episdes, 5 episodes were replayed each day. 3 other episodes were played on 2 of the 3 days. I hope they fix this, because it was a feature I strongly wanted.

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It took years for them to even get a shuffle option and I thought it would be better, they obviously are not very interested in the shuffle options. Can’t shuffle sub folders is another issue

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I have a OneDrive account that’s essentially my sleep playlist, which I start shuffle mode when going to bed. I have 2000+ episodes(cartoons) all just sitting on OneDrive. No folders. Yet, throughout the night it’ll repeat episodes here and there. Some episodes I haven’t seen played even once. This has been my regime for over a year so the flaws definitely become apparent.

I agree, shuffle is almost useless when it re-shows already-seen content. Music (with no video) and TV shows are not the same; it might be pleasant to re-hear the same 3-minute song every few hours, but it’s no good being shown the same 30- or 60-minute show over and over, when the playlist has lots of unwatched content.

Only playing unwatched/unplayed content will be beneficial to a larger set of users, because it takes away nothing from the people who are okay with re-watching/hearing the same content, but adds the shuffle functionality for those of us who only want it if it selects unwatched content only.