Fix Plex Collection view in Infuse?

I’m a longtime Infuse Pro user, and I’ve recently begun using Plex Server to organize my media better. After connecting Infuse to my Plex Server and tweaking all the settings to my satisfaction, I’m quite pleased with my updated setup. However, I’m running into a weird situation where when I click a Collection, Infuse shows the first movie in the series, rather than a list/grid of all films.

Based on my Infuse setup prior to implementing Plex Server, an example process went like this:

  • Home > The James Bond Collection > List of 24 movies > Goldeneye

Now, the process looks like this:

  • Home > The James Bond Collection > Dr. No

So now, if I want to watch Goldeneye, I would need to scroll down to the row of other movies in the collection when on the screen for Dr. No and then scroll over to select Goldeneye. I’ve attached a screen cap to show the screen I’m talking about.

I’ve messed around with every setting I could think of, but I’m not quite finding where the issue is. I’m hoping this isn’t just the way that Infuse handles Plex collections, as this seems like a weird step backwards.

This is in iOS/macOS Infuse, btw.

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It sounds like you’ve pinned a list of Collections to the Home Screen, and are accessing the James Bond Collection from there. Is that right?

If so, I think what you are seeing is expected.

Can you try browsing to Library (search tab on iOS) > Collections > James Bond Collection and see if behaves differently?

Yep, that’s right. And I get the same behavior when I navigate to the same collection via Library > Collections > James Bond Collection – still brings up Dr. No rather than the list of movies first.

@James wait, so you’re saying this is normal behavior?

I noticed Playlists present a full grid/list of movies when selected. Is there any particular reason why Collections can’t behave similarly?