Five weeks and counting

I’ve had this software for 5 weeks now…who knows when us windows users will me able to jailbreak? I am requesting a roll forward to my purchase date so I can get a year of service and updates…I think thats more then fair…how about doing something for us who have been waiting for months for this to function!

This may help to lift your spirits...


The beta phase is actually available for free - in a way. Below is an excerpt taken from the FAQs page.

Does my license expire 1 year from the pre-order date, or the final release date?
Once the final version of aTV Flash (black) is released we'll be resetting the 'clocks' to start from that day. The extra time during the beta phase is added as a free bonus. You can also purchase extended years of support at a discount during the checkout process.


That’s great…I’m waiting for the windows jailbreak…looking forward to the full function of ATV Flash…thanks Max…