First timer with issues

Trying to jailbreak.  This is my first experience.


When I run the seasonpass software, it asks me to plug in my ATV2 via USB.  When I do, I get no light on the ATV2 and thus the software does not progress.  I’ve tried three different cables and two different computers. 


I’ve look at what’s on the message boards but nothing seems to help.


Please, advise!  Thanks!

Are you sure it is an ATV2 rather than an ATV3? The symptoms you describe are common with an ATV3 (for which no jailbreak is currently available)…

Well, duh.  I just checked.  I thought I had the 2. 

itimpi, thank you. I was also thinking I had an ATV2 as I had traded with someone via the mail. Turns out he didn’t check thoroughly and I received another ATV3. Doh!!! Haha.

I was struggling and wondering why the light wouldn’t start blinking when I plugged in the mini USB cable. Oh well… It was worth a try.


Thanks for taking a minute to post guys. Saved me from further struggles.