first time user can't install


I have tried to different usb keys and neither one seem to make it past the initial apple logo on reboot of my atv. at the apple logo I get the sense the machine is reading the key but beyond that it boots normally.

is there a place for known issues or for a detailed troubleshooting guide? Before I keep trying new usb keys it would be nice to know what other issues it might be…

thanks for the advice in advance.

What is the last thing that you see when you create the USB stick on your Mac?

i saw something to the effect of the installation being successful and it being ok to eject the disk to start the process on the atv. after a few fumbled attempts I had to follow the instructions another user had posted involving hacking away with the terminal and I finally got the thing to work…

Where did you see that? I’m in the same problem right now.

but it was a pretty messy process - I had to use terminal and I’m not even a mac guy

I had exactly the same issue and finally got the Apple TV to accept a Verbatim 1GB memory stick. I suspect there is a memory stick capacity issue at play in some cases.

Edit* Yep, watched the video again and I must have drifted off to sleep or something as the max is 2Gb and not my 8Gb - got it to boot and work, but now left without a clue how to get the mouse and keyboard working as the Nito TV downloads don’t appear to be working.