First time jailbreak problems

Hello.I am a novice and this is my first time trying to jailbreak my ATV2 and it's been a frustrating and scary experience. I've run into many errors/problems. Last week I started the jailbreak process, I had  firmware 5.2 then. I got the instructions which stated to upgrade to 5.3 and then proceed to jailbreak. I tried jailbreaking several times as i received different messages like seas0npass unable to save signatures for this apple tv, and itunes unable to complete restore. I had to go into itunes and restore to the latest firmware in order to use the ATV2 in the meantime, which was 6.0.2. However, today, I came across instructions that successfully got me to restore my ATV2 to firmware 5.3 but it involved me uninstalling itunes 11 and downgrading to itunes 10.  My seas0npass instructions says to get the lastest version of itunes, which today is itunes 11. I am skeptical and afraid and don't know how to continue with the jailbreak from this point on.  Should I install itunes 11? Could someone please walk me through the jailbreak process with the easiest method? I would be so grateful! Thank you!

Here are a few points that may help you:

1. The newest seasonpass doesn't need iTunes other than the apple drivers it installs, so the latest iTunes will be fine.

2. At this point there is no need to save signatures. The only reason to save them is in case you want to go back to whatever firmware you have on ATV now. You've already upgraded to 5.3 so that options out for you.

3. As far as jailbreaking steps. Get latest seasonpass, start it, right click "create ipsw", choose 5.3, let it do it's job and follow onscreen directions, done.

Thanks Carpenter940!  I successfully jb my Atv2. :-)