First Minor Problem I have had with Infuse

So I have had the Lifetime version of Infuse now for about 45 days. I haven’t had any real issues or glitches except for last night. I select my Share were my TV shows or Movies are located and all i get is the Spinning Circle. Then I go to the Library and search to finds my show and plays fine. I go back to my movie or TV Shows and just get the spinner. I reboot the Apple TV box and go to the shares and it just keeps pulling up the spinner, I let it sit for 10 minutes and it just spins. I go back to the Library and select my show watch it and after it is done playing (an Hour or so) I select my Tv series share, and everything is back to normal and working fine. The shares were still linked and it wasn’t like I lost the connection because the Library was able to see the files fine. Any Ideas what was going on?

So I am still experiencing the same issue tonight. If I let it sit and spin for 5 -10 minutes it will come up with an error that Infuse could not connect. The thing i Find odd is I can go to the Library and see or select any tv or movies and it is fine? Any thoughts?

Are you connecting via SMB?

If so, you may try installing the 5.6.10 update which was released earlier this week. This update has a few fixes for SMB which may help in your case, and if you are still experiencing trouble you may try one of the tips found here.

Actually the update Auto installed, And took care of all my problems. Yes Smb. Actually the New update made things allot Snappier! Thank you guys for all your hard work!!! I am anxiously awaiting the Plex inter phase…

Great to hear! :slight_smile:

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