First, Local metadata, Then Online Metadata (TMDB & TVDB)


I am having serious problems with some TV shows, even though they are in TVDB. But still, It is really annoying to have local metadata for some content that it is not in TVDB, as documentaries, and have Infuse with incorrect information & categorization.

My proposal is the following…

As you said in some other post, Infuse once scraps a content, it keeps inside infuse all the information so it doesn’t have to go “online” again and again to look for information in TMDB or TVDB.

Said so, I have think that there would be a perfect solution for that content not listed in those sites, to read local metadata and store it into Infuse.

That way, If there is a .nfo & .jpg file locally, Infuse can read that .nfo file and keep all that information into Infuse’s Database, cataloging all the information in a perfect way and being able to show that content into the library.

Infuse could even save that .jpg (poster) file into Infuse’s Database, being able to show that content into library, no matters if they are personal videos or whatever.

To sum up… even considering TVDB & TMDB are great, for a person that takes his time to have all content organized with local metadata, It will be much more relevant to use that metadata than going online to get that information. Why going online if you can go local and you know that information is correct?

Some cartoons series, even more for non english speakers, have different episodes order or missing episodes, so information doesn’t correspond to TVDB. It has to be a better solution in Infuse that going to TVDB to fill up the information!!