First impressions of Infuse

I am a bit torn on whether I should extend my subscription of Infuse. On the one hand, it looks really nice, and when everything works, it‘s like magic. I especially like the seamless syncing between devices. I was even considering ditching my Jellyfin server and getting an Apple TV just so I can use Infuse with my TV. That it just works with plain Samba shares, is the greatest selling point for me. On the other hand, when it does not work, it can be infuriating and confusing (puns intended).

First of all, it‘s a bit disappointing that you cannot set different languages for metadata for different folders/favourites. I have English-language and German-language movies and TV shows, and I would like to have metadata in the corresponding language. Apparently, that is not possible with only Infuse. But fair enough, I got myself a subscription for tinyMediaManager, and I now have the appropriate .nfo files and artwork side-by-side with my videos, which is probably for the better.

But the second issue is kind of a show-stopper for me. Infuse sorts a lot of my TV shows incorrectly. All their episodes show up in “Other”. No amount of fiddling with the directory structure, file names, and .nfo files did anything. Btw, I had to find out in this thread that .nfo files are ignored for those purposes. It would have been nice, if this would have been clearly stated in the documentation.

In the end, I gave up and use Infuse currently only as a client for my Jellyfin server. I now have to decide whether I am willing to pay for that. There are already official clients for mobile and desktop. An official client for my LG TV is “coming soon” (has been for years). Still, since you can use the mobile client as a remote, using the Jellyfin web client in the browser on my TV is not as bad as you would think.

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Sorry you’re having such a time so far. If you’d like to provide the names and examples of your current file names for some of your problem TV shows I’d be happy to see if I can help.

This is annoying for me too.

Swiftfin is not ready yet, but you can sign up for TestFlight for iOS and iPadOS. The tvOS version is not yet available for public beta.

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At some point, Infuse refused to load any episode titles in the macOS app. It only showed the file names. It did not matter whether I added these episodes via Jellyfin or Samba. Removing and adding the files again did not help. In the end, I had to take the nuclear option. I uninstalled the iPhone app, I wiped the iCloud storage, and I deleted ~/Library/Containers/com.firecore.infuse/ on macOS.

It has been smooth sailing ever since. Infuse correctly recognized most of my media. I had to match about 20 items manually. In the end, only two items remained because TMDB had no data about them. I‘ve added these to TMDB myself now.

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