Firmware signature backup did not allow me to downgrade after an upgrade to 5.0

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my aTV (4.3) to version 5.0 (5.1). A few weeks prior to upgrading, I did a force backup of my Firmware Signature (well before Apple released 5.0). After toying around with 5.0 for a couple hours, I decided I would downgrade to version 4.4.4, since it seemed apparent that aTV backed up my sig for both 4.3 and 4.4.4. Unfortunately, I get the “device is ineligible” error in iTunes. I even tried to go back to 4.3 with no luck. Using the latest Seas0n Pass with stitching support of course.

Any ideas?

Did the Maintenance menu on the home menu disappear after installing the newest iOS 5 firmware?  I would assume so, and I found this from another source: “If you’re receiving a ‘not eligible’ message, this means Apple is no longer signing that particular version, and Seas0nPass was unable to locate any saved signatures for that device/firmware combination.”  I assuming since the iOS 5 update, that any previous saved signatures are no longer supported and Seas0nPass cannot downgrade it.

I just realized that you have mentioned that even with downgrading to iOS 4.3, you still have no luck with it.

It seems to me that the signature saving mechanism isn’t actually working. Well not for me at least. I notice on a second Apple TV of mine when you force a save, aTV lists the saved sigs in a slightly dimmed font. When I reboot that aTV, those listed sigs are not displayed anymore. Not sure if that’s normal functionality or not.

As long as you see the firmware versions listed on the AppleTV in the Maintenance --> Settings --> Manage Backups menu, then they have been saved to the cloud (Cydia) and you can restore back using Seas0nPass. (Note: this list will disappear each time you exit the menu, but you can refetch the list by clicking the ‘Backup My Firmware’ option).

If you’re certain the latest version of Seas0nPass is being used (version info here: please open a support ticket and attach your log file (log file location can be found in the same forum thread) so we can help troubleshoot.