firmware restore failed? help

anyone know what I am doing wrong? I am running seasOnPass 0.9.4 and updated all my macbook softwares including os and itunes to latest. I cant seem to install it correctly? I have seen a lot about 0.9.3 working well etc but cant seem to find a link. is this just me but i can seem to install it

help :( 


It’s not just you :slight_smile:

Have been trying for a couple of days now and every time it looks like progress is being made, I hit another blocker…

  • aTV 2
  • Originally on iOS 6.0.2
  • Seas0npass 0.9.4
  • Ran the "Create IPSW" process which ended with the "firmware restore failed?" message (everything else went OK)
  • Clicked "Done" anyway.
  • After a bit of Googling I manually used iTunes to restore the IPSW created by Seas0npass (alt+click on the restore button in iTunes, them navigate to Documents>Tether and choose the file created by Seas0npass).
  • This appears to work OK...
  • Then used the "tethered boot" process, but...
  1. As soon as I click "tethered boot" it asks for the aTV to be in DFU mode.  It does not prompt me to plug in the aTV without power, nor does the status light flash quickly at any point per the instructions on the Seas0npass page?
  2. If I go into DFU mode (with both USB and power cable in) the light does flash rapidly and the process executes and purports to finish successfully.
  3. I whip out the USB cable and plug in my HDMI one, but I get no red FC logo on Settings, cannot SSH to it etc.  So am assuming the jailbreak hasn't succeeded.

The General>About menu on the aTV shows that the iOS level is now 5.3 as expected, but the jailbreak doesn’t look to have worked.

Would seriously appreciate some input as I’m pulling what hair I have left out on this :slight_smile: