Firmware Question

I have a Black ATV. Iit is Jailbrokwn. I can go and update my files under the manage extras menu.

I see all this talk about firmware version 5.0.

Question: How do I know what Firmware I am running now?

Question: Is Firmware 5.0 from Apple?

Question: If it is from Apple then how do I get it?

Question: If it is from Apple and I install on my ATV will I have to Jailbreak it again?

Question: When I go here to my account I see I can download v1.4.1, released 30 Mar 2012. That is different from "Firmware… yes?

Question: What exactly do I need to do to have my ATV Black v2, updated to the latest Firmware and aTV Flash stuff?

Thanks in advance for all the folks that may weigh in on my questions…

First thousand times thank you for your hard work for the new aTV Black version.
The following question arises for me:
4:44 My firmware was saved including the signature appears under Backup
and when I choose this is where I can restore them with season pass? Is that the same variant as Tinyumbrella does this?
How do I go to this place again Come hither 4:44 firmware? Because without aTV XBMC is not really great. This is currently only 4:44 right?
My firmware is currently the latest 5.1 (5.0)
aTV stores where the signature under which folder? Can this man to take on Tinyumbrella downgrade?

Thank you for the good work

Now I’ve read your tutorial and lo and behold it worked. 4.4.4 is here again hurray! But now where do I get the old version of aTV Black back?


Edit: ok my problem was none, just the current version installed on Black aTV 4.4.4 and lo and behold, just as running XBMC. There seems to be just under 5.0 XBMC is no longer there because they simply will not run! You’re just awesome, backwards compatible, just great. thank-you


You hijacked my thread. Thanks for that.

On the main screen select General > About (I do believe)

Yes, it is version 5.1 (at least that is what would be displayed on the Apple TV). It is the same version that is on the Apple TV 3. Only difference is the support for 1080p is only available for Apple TV 3.

You can connect your Apple TV to your computer and in iTunes click the Restore button. This will install the latest version erasing your jailbreak in the process.

Yes you will have to jailbreak it again. Currently version 5.1 is a tethered jailbreak meaning that if you restart your Apple TV (not putting it to sleep) or lose power or disconnect the power cable you will need the help of a computer to boot the device. Note a laptop is best as if you have a desktop in the other room you need to disconnect the power and you’d have to boot tethered again.

Yes that is completely different. aTV Flash is software that you can install on your Apple TV.

Well first you need to understand what the different is between a tethered and untethered jailbreak are ( Once you understand that then you can make an educated decision as to whether or not it makes sense for you as an individual to run a tethered jailbreak of iOS 5.1.