Firmware Not Downloading

I have an apple tv gen 2 box that I’m trying to jailbreak using seasonpass. I’ve connected a win7 laptop to the Apple box with a micro-usb cable. No ac power cord is connected to the apple box and no cat-5 ethernet cable is connected to the apple box. I only use cat-5 wired network connections from my router to my laptop and the router wifi is turned off. I have installed the latest Itunes software on the laptop. My apple tv is model MC5722ll/a which is supposed to be a version 2 apple tv that is supposed to be supported by seaonpass. The apple tv has firmware version 6.2.1 installed.

When I follow the procedures on the firecore website to do the jailbreak, the process hangs up at the point where firmware is supposed to be getting downloaded. The progress bar never shows any download progress and eventually times out with an error message stating something to the effect that firmware was unable to be downloaded.

Just as a test, I successfully used itunes to re-load the firmware and reset the apple box to default settings using the above setup (micro-usb cable, etc, connected as described above), so I know that my internet connection is good and that firmware can be downloaded to the apple tv box using the micro-usb cable.

I cannot understand why the seasonpass jailbreak procedure is unable to download the firware.