Firmware back up not displaying SHSH Blobs


As the title suggests, since Monday the Firmware Back Up feature in Maintenance is not showing confirmation that blobs have been saved. 

Ignore previous post, shsh back up is working again.

well, it’s not showing back-ups again !!!

This is likely related to the massive amount of traffic due to the recent iPhone 5 jailbreak. I’d give it a few days and things should be back to normal.

Please confirm if ATV Flash 2.2 is Backing Up Firmware for devices running 5.2

There is no confirmation that it is backing up 5.2 blobs on devices running the latest firmware.

However, if I try my older ATV on 5.1 there is confirmation that all blobs from 4.4 through to 5.2 are saved.

This would explain my previous post, as when I thought the back ups were working again it was because I had an older device whose blobs for 5.2 were saved whilst running 5.1


Wenn i backup my firmware then it shows nothing.

How can i be sure that the shsh  backup is done???

aTV Flash (black) will save signatures for anything that Apple is currently signing, though it seems there was a period where Cydia was not saving these signatures properly. Though you can rest assured, any versions listed in the Manage Backups menu have been successfully saved.

Are you running the latest 2.2 version of aTV Flash (black)? You can check for updates in the Maintenance > Manage Extras menu.

Hi James,

Have always been on the latest version of ATVFlash. Maintenance has not been backing up firmware since February!!! All ATV’s show no blobs. So you blame Cydia? Not the original “iPhone 5” traffic ?

Well Maintenance has never stopped sending the signatures to Cydia, though it was recently discovered that there was an issue with Cydia actually saving some of these signatures. The issue was recently corrected on the Cydia end, but unfortunately this means that some users may not have had their signatures saved.  :frowning:

Hi James,

FireCore is the latest version.


I mean of course the latest 2.2 version of aTV Flash (black)   :slight_smile:


That’s correct Cydia was not saving and Maintenance was telling you that for months!

Can’t believe this post wasn’t taken seriously 2 months ago. What is the point in having “Bugs” feedback? 

It is quite insulting to keep reading your replies, void of any knowledge, clarity or genuine apologies. Typical sales driven public relations drivel!

As firecore are the only company who make money from the good work that jailbreakers do, you should be more concerned. Especially as you don’t save the data yourselves and rely on a freebie so you can pass the buck.

Good news! We have a beta version of Seas0nPass that was released today that will allow you to save blobs for any firmware the Apple TV is CURRENTLY running. This will be very helpful if you were one of those affected by the Cydia signature bug.

So is there still no Firmware Back up in aTV Flash Maintenance ?

Are you saying that this is a feature of seas0npass while running on a computer, no different from currently available solutions to save blobs such as tinyumbrella ?

iFaith backups are different in the sense that they will backup whatever firmware version the Apple TV is currently running, regardless if it is currently being signed.

Backups done via Maintenance and TinyUmbrella will only be able to save Apple TV versions that are currently being signed, even if that version is not currently installed on the Apple TV.

Since 5.2 is no longer being signed, an iFaith backup would be the only option.


So you have incorporated iFaith dumping into seas0npass, there is actually still no Firmware Back up in Maintenance?

It would be so good to have the feature back in Maintenance. We already have enough ways to dump blobs whilst connected to a computer, whether its currently signed or not.

There doesn’t seem to be anything new here.

I must admit to still being confused by this topic. For clarity my questions are:

  1. If Maintenance shows a list of firmware backups, can these still be used to Jailbreak to any of the versions listed?

  2. Does the Cydia bug mean that the firmware versions could be listed in Maintenance but might not actually have been saved and be available for use?

  3. Firmware 5.2 (not 5.2.1) is on my list of saved signatures; do I still need to save SHSH blobs using iFaith to ensure that I can downgrade in future  if necessary?



Yes, if Maintenance is listing a specific firmware version, you can use Seas0nPass to reinstall that verison.

No. The Cydia bug is something that prevent signatures from being saved for a short time, and this prevented them from being listed in Maitnenace at all.

As long as 5.2 is listed there you should be fine, though if you’re currently running 5.2 doing an iFaith backup wouldn’t hurt, and would allow you to have backups in different locations.

Thanks for the comprehensive reply to my questions.

5.2 is showing on my saved signatures in Maintenance, as mentioned previously, but I tried to save the 5.2 blobs using Seas0nPass with iFaith as the ‘belt and braces*’ measure you suggested. Unfortunately, I get a message that iFaith cannot save the signatures on my ATV2.

Oh well! I’m pretty confident that my saved signatures with Firecore will be fine if I need them. They’ve always worked before.

*I think you call those elastic straps that hold up your trousers ‘suspenders’ on your side of the Atlantic. And you call trousers ‘pants’. – Tomato, potato.