Fireore is offering a 30% discount on the annual subscription of Infuse Pro, why not the same discount on standalone app?

Hi there.

You have stated you are gonna offering 30% discount on the annual subscription of Infuse Pro, but what about me and I think a lot of other people who would prefer to buy standalone app? Is there be any sale as well? Not everyone is interested in that subscription model…

Yes, in my case specially because Family Sharing.

And no, using the same Trakt account for sharing the IAP is not a good solution. The Trakt account should be used individually, so, for example, I can keep track of my shows, my wife her shows, etc.

Or one of the new Pro features is the Trakt account not working as expected?

The subscription works with the family plan. See one of the stickies in this forum

I know. But in unacceptable way for me, as I wrote above.

oic the one tract account for all family members. That’s a bit lame for sure I didn’t notice that the first time I read the family sharing sticky.

Firecore should come up with a better idea. Like an Infuse account authorizing 5 e-mails, or a PIN generator or anything else so the family members can use their individual Trakt accounts.

Got your email. Was happy then sad. James…correct me if I’m wrong but this is your reasoning right? ---- One-time purchase apps benefit the users who buy it earliest, and hurt the new users who buy later into the development life-cycle of the app. Buying later means getting less life/value from your app purchase and feeling cheated when it soon comes time to launch and sell the next major release. You see many of these outraged people in the forums right now. A subscription based model means that from now on it doesn’t matter how early or late you buy, you won’t get any less value from your purchase than someone who bought Infuse 6 or 12 or 24 months earlier, you’ll be guaranteed an up-to-date app for one year the same as everyone else with no worries about your app reaching the end of its life too soon.

Makes sense to me now I’ve thought about it, seems reasonable and fair… but you haven’t followed through, you’re still offering the one-time purchase app, which means all of this will happen again to burn the people who buy it later. Make sure you always keep a highly visible CAUTION in the app description so that future buyers know what they are agreeing to. Advise them to go with the subscription option if they would be buying in too late and close to end-of-life.

I’m happy that you’ve still given us the choice to avoid subscriptions (I hate keeping track of them, and I like simple family sharing). I’m prepared to pay a little more when I’m allowed to pay upfront instead. And buying today I know I can expect to happily use Infuse for roughly the next 12-24 months until it reaches end-of-life, at which point I fully expect to pay again for the next major version. Since we are going down this route, please give us the same early bird discount, make us all happy? Like you said, majority of people will go for the cheaper 1 year subscription anyway.

That would be such a headache for them. Workarounds suck. Apple really needs to get off their ass and make things “just work” for developers.

I don’t use Family Sharing (I use just my apple id) but I do use multiple accounts. This way when I setup Infuse on another ATV (for my kids) I initially turn on iCloud syncing to get all the shares and then turn it off on the new ATV. Then I tweek the favorites and library and turn off “Next Up” so they only see the movies and shows I want them to see and all is good. Then I just log them into their account. I know they could go in and see other stuff if they wanted and this is not as good as true parental controls but it works for me for the time being. Based on what I have seen from James and Infuse they will continue to work at making this App the best an most flexible way to watch your content. If multiple accounts don’t work with family sharing I am sure they can find a fix for it. I can guarantee it works with with a single

Yes, you are probably right.

I don’t like the subscription because of the family share and the Pro app is not fair for people buying it very close to the launch of the next version, without knowing it.

I don’t mind paying a fair price for a new Pro app, every October (for example) taking advantages of the new iOS and with some new features. If I know that every October there is a new app, I will not be pissed off if I buy it in September. And during the year the price could be coming down (one price tier every two months or so). It would work like a subscription (in subscriptions you can also choose to not pay for the next year), but the family share works as intended, who don’t want to pay for the new version keeps the old one, without loosing the Pro functionalities for that version (if you quit the subscription, you will loose the Pro features).

Everybody knows that every year there is a new iPhone, a new Football Manager, new FIFA, etc. and nobody is pissed off.

Please let me know what’s happening James? Standalone app is still my preference but I’m even prepared to overcome my aversion to subscriptions if we can find some better solution for family sharing.

What is not clear is whether the ‘shared’ trakt account is only needed for all the involved users to get the Pro features authorised or whether one needs to stay logged into it? If it is only for authorising the Pro feature and then afterwards you can connect to a different trakt account and keep the Pro authorisation then that would be ideal, and I assume becomes a non-issue for those worried about the way the family sharing works with the inFuse 5 subscription.

Staying logged into the trakt account is required, at least for right now.

Should offer the same 30% bonus for the stand-alone pro version as well imho that would solve the issue with multiple trakt accounts for family sharing

Afraid that’s a dealbreaker for me, don’t want trakt to begin with and definitely can’t be using it between 4 people. Very keen to jump-onboard with the standalone upgrade now if it means 30% loyalty discount, otherwise I may as well wait until I have a need. Not in a rush to ditch my Pro4/nPlayer combo when Pip /splitview has been in nPlayer for in ages and my family doesn’t need parental controls, plus poor bandwidth in Australia means cloud storage services are useless to me, also the UI isn’t substantially improved, hard to navigate without universal search and index bar plus iOS list view looks squished and ugly without full cover art. No custom gestures, some custom subtitles that work in every other player are broken in infuse. I know all these things will come in time with pro 5 which is why I’d upgrade, but yeah, without discount I’d wait 6-12 months.

I totally agree with you.

Doesn’t look like it is happening. The 30% subscription offer is coming to an end and still no sign of any love for existing standalone Pro users.

Firecore clearly want people on the subscription bandwagon.

Thanks for the feedback.

What we’ve moved to with the annual subscription in Infuse 5 is a more fair way of handling upgrades. Instead of buying an app at some point in time and guessing at when the next major version is going to come out, you can subscribe to a lower-cost subscription which covers all future updates. This is the upgrade model Apple has laid out for developers at this year’s WWDC, and is one that we feel treats everyone fairly while enabling us to continue developing and improving the app.

Historically most people have obtained Infuse Pro via In-App Purchase. For v5 we kept the standalone Pro app around for those who want to avoid subscriptions for personal reasons, but it is not the option we most recommend.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

No It did not help me because you have not explained why there is no sale for standalone app… You just repeat the same words over and over again.

@firecore: I need to know today whether or not this will be fixed… sharing one trakt account with my family of 4… everyone watching the same things at different times… won’t that be disruptive? I’d prefer to upgrade now by subscribing, but only if another workaround is on the way… James???

To everyone else: I don’t think they plan to fix it. Their email response to me blamed Apple and said trakt is the only solution. Or buy the standalone app.

The discount will not happen for the standalone app, they avoided my questions about it on the forum and twice via email. I think by now it’s too late for them to do it anyway when many people will have already paid-full price and be well outside the refund period. They don’t want more enraged customers on these forums. I don’t care, I’d pay full price, but it just won’t be anytime in the near future.