Will aTV Flash support the latest versions of Firefox (ver 18 & greater) with flash?


If so, how do you go about installing it?



What does FireFox have to do with aTV Flash? aTV Flash is for the Apple TV 1 and 2 not FireFox…


OK - it says on the Home page under “Add More Apps Extend the functionality even further by adding applications such as Firefox and XBMC.”

So my question is still - will aTV Flash support the latest versions of Firefox which is version 18.0.2 AND Adobe Flash for Firefox??

And how do I go about installing Firefox plus the Adobe Flash Plug-in.


EDIT: these questions relate to 1st Gen Apple TV

Unfortunately the latest version of Firefox that’s support on the ATV1 is 3.6.18. This is mainly due to the fact that the ATV1 runs a modified version of Mac OS X Tiger, specifically 10.4.7.

There is VERY limited support for Adobe Flash, and more details on enabling it can be found here.

To be honest, the end result even when enabled properly is rather poor, so it’s probably not worth your time trying to enable Flash.

Thank you James. That’s a pity. oh well never mind.