Firefox on aTV

Two questions re Firefox, which I installed after installing ATV Flash. (1) Do people find this program to be unstable? Mine seems to cause aTV to crash often. (2) I don’t get the full browser page on my TV screen. I am missing the menu bar at the top. My aTV is set at 720p resolution. If I reduce it to 480 I can see the lower half of the menu bar. But who wants to surf at 480? Do I need to adjust the resolution on my Panasonic Plasma? I can’t seem to find where to do that. Thanks.

The stability issue has been addressed in the new 3.6.2 version of aTV Flash that was released today.

A few FireFox Questions:

Is there any way to install FireFox without a keyboard and mouse? When I try to install it, I get to the part where it will ask me to import favorites/bookmarks and I can’t get past that part since I don’t have a keyboard or mouse ( I have a macbook pro ).

Will installing FireFox allow for silverlight? My goal is to be able to use my NetFlix Account.


FF flat does not work on ATVFlash, period. As most other things in this program group. :cry:
Then there has been little feedback from admin to solve some of these problems. 3.6.2 did not resolve issues with FF. ’
Any suggestions?

Are you running the 3.6.2 version of aTV Flash? What issues with Firefox are you seeing?

I will say that I had tried to install FF prior to the ATV update and then after the ATV update FF was installed properly. However, it appears that in order to browse the internet you still need a mouse/keyboard correct? In other words, you can’t control it like couch surfer correct?


Correct. A USB mouse/keyboard will be needed to use Firefox on the AppleTV.