Firefox on 3.5.1

I tried installing firefox two ways.
First, simply dragging the into the applications folder. Once that’s finished, I go to open it and all i see is an apple logo for forever.
I have my display set at 720p.

Next, I tried installing through the atv flash maintenance menu. Once I try that, the atv freezes and I have to do a reset.

anybody have any luck with this?

The first time Firefox starts up, it may take a minute for it to load all the settings. Soon after it starts, you should be prompted to import bookmarks, just like you would on a Mac or PC.

The Install Firefox option in the Maintenance menu will actually download Firefox directly, and install it. It may take a few minutes for the download to complete, and could appear as a system freeze. This interface is scheduled to be improved in an upcoming version.

I never did get firefox up and running under 3.5.1, so i thought i would wait for an update. well, update came, just tried doing a clean wipe and install, and still, firefox does not work. I dragged the (3.0.10) into the documents folder via ftp, then tried to boot it from nitoTV applications and all i get is the apple logo in the middle of the screen. i even tried a reboot, but i always get the same thing; the logo just stays there until i go back to the main menu. I’ve installed everything else just fine, everything seems to be working as it should except for this.
display is set to 720p, flash installed, core audio kit installed.
am i missing something?

Ive had this same issue since 3.5.1 and have been hopeful after a few releases that this will be fixed by 3.5.4. Unfortunately, nothing has been done and it seems like Im not the only one that has been having this problem. Ive tried both ways installing Firefox ( FTP and Maintenance) and set my resolution to 720dpi but all i get is the Apple logo and a arrow at the top corner. Ive let it sit like that for almost an hour and sometimes the menu button wont even work anymore and have to do a hard reboot.

Just one of those frustrations Ive always had since I got ATV Flash on top of the very slow performance of my ATV since this product got installed.