Firefox is gone! Desperate...


I’m fairly new to atv, so I still have problems with flash, although I think this time I got it all right and know what to do. The only problem is… Firefox is gone… I have firm 3.02 and atv flash v.4.1.2. I swear before the installation it was there… Now, I ignore how long it’s been missing. It’s, of course, “installed” from the maintenance menu, under Install Extras. I’ve deleted it and then installed it again. I’ve restarted and rebooted the unit, but to no avail. Firefox is nowhere to be seen under the Nito menu…

I’m aware this sounds as a joke… but I promise it’s not.

Is this problem on my end or on the new ATV flash update?

Thank you.

Is the Applications menu visible under nitoTV? If not, it can be enabled through the nitoTV → Settings → Categories menu.

No, it wasn’t! Gosh, I knew it was something very stupid. Apparently with the new update this setting was disabled. Don’t understand…

One more question. regarding Air Mouse. When I go to Utilities >>> Airmouse th epointer worls seemless with the iphone app. But once I go into Firefox the connection is lost and I can’t have access… Is there any extra setting I need for the wifi connection to stay “alive”?

Thanks again.

Fixed the airmouse too. I set it to Auto-enable on the manage tab + settings. Now everything is fine

Thank you