Firefox installation question

Hello All,

I’ve installed Firefox in /Applications. It shows up in Nito, and it launches perfectly each time. However, I occasionally get the “Set Firefox as your default browser?” pop up when I launch it, and occasionally, upon clicking “Menu” to return to Finder, crashdump comes up. Finder always comes back OK, but I’m wondering if I’m getting some weirdness because of where I Installed Firefox.

Is this normal behavior? I know it’s all a big hack, so I’m more than willing to deal with it. Will Installing the actual app in ~/Applications instead of /Applications make any difference? I wonder if it’s a permissions issue?


The prompts in Firefox are normal. You can set Firefox as default, or not, it really doesn’t matter.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, what I meant was, Firefox would ask me each time, regardless of whether I told it not to. I found the solution, however. It seems that Pressing Menu to exit the application and enter Finder again acts as sort of a force quit on the application. So, when I first launched Firefox for the first time as a test, then exited, it didn’t really save the setting.

In fact, every time I exited Firefox, I got the “this is embarrassing message”, because the app was forced into a quit. I found that closing all Firefox windows before I clicked Menu on the remote fixed this, because there are no “browsing sessions” open that would need to be restored. Doing this, then Opening up Firefox loads the home page normally without error.