I recently installed ATVFLASH. I installed the Firefox plugin too which I open up through the Ninto TV applications menu. The problem is that the first time I ran it the program crashed. Now every time I go back in it brings up a standard warning the says that it had crashed the last time it ran and do I want to restore the previous session or start a brand new session? The problem is that the apple remote is unable to select either option. I have tried using the i-phone remote control and that does not work either.

Any Ideas… I bought the whole system so I could watch television channel programs off TV station websites.

Get a wireless keyboard/mouse combo. You will need it anyways if you intend to use Firefox on AppleTV.

Or if you have an iPhone, get the ‘Air Mouse’ app AND install ‘Mobile Air Mouse’ under Maintenance>Install Extras. You can use Apple’s Remote app on the iphone for ‘normal’ navigation, but when opening up Firefox (or other applications) on the v, you need to use other ways of inputting. I found ‘Air Mouse’ works well. FYI, i just started using this yesterday and having troubles of my own…I just happen to have learned this already.