Firefox (and other isssues)

When I load Firefox from the menu, I see a “Import bookmarks” option; however, the mouse does not work. I’ve tried this from my small remote AND from my iPhone remote…no luck.

A USB mouse or keyboard will be required to control any apps launched through the nitoTV > Applications menu. Alternatively the Mobile Air Mouse iPhone app can be used.

Thanks for the help on the remote and I do have that (sorta) working. My problem is much larger in that when I launch just about any app from nitoTV, I see an apple as if it’s rebooting and then it takes me back to a fresh menu of the appleTV. I can get movies (under files) to work, but that is about it. When I do launch Firefox and sometimes Boxee, it hangs for a min until I hit the menu button. I then see a window of Firefox (or Boxee) painted on top of the AppleTV menu. It flashes for a while and then eventually, I get the reboot issue discribed above. I’ve called aTV support for 3 days with no call back. Any suggestions?

Was Firefox installed through the Install Extras menu, or was it installed manually (by copying via FTP)? The Install Extras menu features a version of Firefox that has been optimized for the AppleTV, other versions may not work as well.

Boxee is best launched through the XBMC/Boxee menu. If this menu has disappeared for you, you can get it back by following the steps here:

I installed atv 4.02 ( fresh install). firefox did not work… so i removed it thru ftp and tried to install it thru extra installs but it says it is already installed. then i tried to reinstall thru ftp. still does not work. can some one help? how can i remove fireefox safely and try to reinstall it again.



I don’t have a solution for your Firefox issue, but regarding the tech support call back: I have had EXCELLENT support from aTVflash on the email side. Messages are answered quickly and in good detail. If you don’t get this resolved on the fourm, try emailing tech support.

It’s my understanding there is an update in the works that will address most internet issues. Should be available in a few days. Apple’s latest update is causing most of the problems.