Firefly Override Metadata

If you’d like to override TheTVDB metadata to correctly display information for the TV show Firefly, just download this archive, and unpack all the contents into the same folder as your videos. Make sure Metadata Fetching is turned on. The files in this archive will override what you need to make the series work in story order as opposed to airdate order.

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thank you so much. This is so great. One question, though.
What about the folder.jpg? Is that supposed to change the Cover of Firefly you see when you go into “TV Shows” in Infuse?
Cause even though the order is now okay, it still uses the same cover it used with the original, incorrect order. Just wondering why that it.

I included it with all the other files into the same directory, like you said. So now all my mkv files, along with the pictures and xml files are located in a place like this:
/TV Shows/Firefly/Season1/

I assumed this would also change the cover picture but it didn’t. I don’t think the folder.jpg would go directly into
/TV Shows/Firefly
would it? Cause what if the show had multiple seasons? (One can dream) If you wanted to change the cover for every season folder that wouldn’t work.
If you could let me know how you got to change the cover as well using folder.jpg, that would be great.