Firecore support: what is going on?

I’ve been having an ongoing technical issue since upgrading to an Infuse 7 sub, and so far nobody at Firecore has been able to help me. To be more accurate: nobody at Firecore can really be bothered to help me.

I opened a support ticket a month ago, submitted diags from Infuse, and all I’ve had back is one very delayed reply literally saying “I’ll see what we can do” and another two weeks later asking me for some actual further information (which I provided). So far nobody seems interested in following it up further than that.

At the moment my sub has a free trial component to it because of an upgrade from 6 Pro (not to mention all the previous Pro versions I paid for), but right now there is very little to persuade me to continue the subscription at the point where it’s going to cost me actual money.

Is this the support experience you really want your paying customers to have? Do you understand the concept of keeping your customers in the loop when they report an issue? Do I really need to post about it publicly to get noticed at all? I’m not even mad about it any more - just disappointed, and pretty much over it.



I got the same feeling, in my case is a pending issue with more than 1 month, and the only reply i get from them is “we’re looking at it”…

I don´t have any problem to pay for Software, but if the Support is weak, it´s not worth… (and in this case is not “cheap”, and with a Support like this, is not really really “Cheap”)

I don´t understand FireCore Team Priorities in terms of Software Development, for now it seems they only care about “Design” (ex: use Blur text, not blur text… Big Fonts, not Big fonts… Upper text… not Upper text…)… and all reported Bugs regarding Usability/Announced Features that were supposed to work (confirmed bugs, with detailed Logs), are Low Priority…

This is just my current feeling, all in all FireCore seems to build good product, but need to make some better decisions regarding their Priorities…

Just my 2c.


Sorry for the trouble.

I can see both of you have tickets open for somewhat unique edge case issues.

These are both being looked into, but I don’t have much more info to share right now, unfortunately.

I don’t really accept that as a response, especially after bringing this out into the open like this. Calling my issue an “edge case” when it involves v7 completely refusing to import my existing library is not exactly filling me with confidence. Especially when I’ve had almost zero communication about the the problem. Is this not one of the main things the v7 upgrade was supposed to achieve?

Given that Infuse stores its iCloud data in a bucket that’s inaccessible to me means that there is nothing I can personally do to help myself, and I’m completely reliant on Firecore to sort this out for me, all the while being kept totally in the dark about what’s going in. From my point of view it’s completely broken, and it appears that nothing is being done to sort this out. Considering the time I spent trying to resolve this in the forums before even opening the ticket, it’s been well over a month that I’ve been unable to use the software.

If you’re working on it let me know what is being done. I’m a technical guy. My daily job involves people paying a lot of money for me to consult on system designs for them. I’m not afraid of a little detail, or even a lot. Even if I was, there’s still no harm in letting the customer know that you care about their issue and are doing something about it. Instead, I get radio silence until I follow up demanding an update.

I shouldn’t have to drag the answers out of you.