FireCore Maintenance Backup - Not working


First off I would like to say sorry if this has been posted already. I took about 15 minues on google and in the fourms and I cannot find this issue, however I might have over looked it. 

I have just jailbroken my 2 apple tv’s to the latest firmware (5.3) and I have configured NitoTV (Exposed, Unteather, and others), Infuse (configured shares,, Library, General Settings, Playback Settings, and loaded all metadata) Aprox 2900 TV Eppisodes and 550 Movies, and XBMC (Icefilms). All addon’s have been completely updated. 

I was just about ready to move them to their TV’s however when I go into the maintenance menu and try and create a ‘FULL’ backup it sits there for about 4-5minutes and then says backup completed scusessfully. (See Below)

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:450:]]When I click on “Restore From Backup” to confirm that the back up was sucsessfull I see nothing (See Below)


Any help on this would be great, thank you in advance. 

Please let me know if there are any logs you would like posted for more details. (Diagnostics Info Sent!)

Got the same problm with backups.

I tried normal and full backups several times. I get a message backups succesful but they don’t show up in the recover menu.


now I got a backups filed message instantly.

I’ve submitted the diagnostic info.

I have the exact same problem on all my Apple TV2s.  If someone has an answer please post.


Thank you.