Firecore is garbage - don't waste your money on this

All my media on the Apple TV hard drive has stuttering issues - it’s a complete mess

I wish I had had more time than 15 days to check this out, but I’m a busy person.


Anyways - this is a load of crap - I want a refund.

Waste of money

Wores yet, if you do a factory restore on ATV1, the unit os now broken - constantly restarting and my ATV1 is now a brick

Tried reinstalling Firecore because I didn’t have any choice - unit keeps restarting and will not stop.


I’m off to Apple Store to drop this ATV1 brick off and see if they can help, and buying an ATV2


If only there was a post like this one on the forum before I spent the money on this crap - I wouldn’t be spending more money on another unit…

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

The restart loop issue you’re describing is actually related to a conflict between the current version of iTunes and the 1.0 Apple TV software. It will occur with or without aTV Flash installed, and will persist until the Apple TV version is updated to 3.0 or later.

The steps below should get you around this issue.

  1. Power off any networked computers, or just ensure iTunes is not running.
  2. Power on the Apple TV and navigate to the Settings > General > Update Software menu and download the latest version (3.0.2).
  3. Once the Apple TV restarts you should see the new menu style, and the version info found in the General > Settings > About menu should be 3.0.2.
  4. iTunes can now be used normally.

Hope this helps.

I was able to get the ATV1 rebooted and updated to the latest software version for ATV1 that is available.  It’s no longer a brick.

I did have some trouble at first - I had bought an ATV2 on Sunday, and while it was powered up it was interfering with the ATV1 when I tried to get reboot without iTunes trying to connect.  The ATV1 had the reboot loop happening, and I was about to give up, but thought about the ATV2 sitting next to it - after unplugging ATV2, the reboot loop stopped and I was connected to internet.

So you might want to make a note about powering off ATV2 if someone has one.


I have not reinstalled Firecore yet to give it another chance.  I do appreciate the advice on the stuttering:


 Hi, we're sorry for any trouble. There are actually a few simple things you can try to improve video playback.


1. Change file playback mode to Quicktime in nitoTV --> Settings --> General

2. Disable the 'Apple H.264' item located in the Maintenance --> Settings menu.

3. Restart the Apple TV. 


I had disable H.264, but did not know about changing file playback mode to Quicktime, so I'll give that a go


I will see if I can reinstall

Great, so glad to hear everything is back working again. The issue of an ATV2 being installed alongside the ATV1 is not something we’ve seen before, but we’ll definitely keep it in mind should anyone else report a similar issue.

Let us know if you have any trouble with the reinstall.