FireCore Installation succeeds, but fails

Ok, here is an odd one for you:

I have had an AppleTV flashed for many years without issues. Since the new AppleTV was announced, I bought two of the “old” units directly from Apple. They arrived and I installed a Crystal HD chip in them both. I plugged them in and then installed the FireCore software on them both. The “kid” AppleTV is working fine, but the one in the bedroom rebooted and didn’t have any FireCore software on it even though the FireCore installer ran and said it was successful. I re-ran the installer two more times, but I only see Apple’s stock software when it reboots.

Any thoughts as to what needs to be done would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Sounds like the issue described here:

I’d recommend re-downloading from our site to ensure you have the latest and greatest.

Thanks for the reply. It turns out that a system restore on the ATV fixed it. The Flash drive was fine. Isn’t that weird how one unit worked and the other had to be restored before I could flash it?

Oh well, it works and I’m happy. Many thanks for the constant great support here! You guys and your app are all amazing!

Thanks, Jim