FireCore Icon but no Menu Selections

Just installed FireCore v1.0 for my ATV2. I’m running Apple TV Software 4.4.3. Followed the jailbreak process as documented using Seas0nPass. After using the tethered boot process I see/have the Firecore icon on the ATV2 landing screen but see no FireCore menu selections such as Media, or on the landing screen. Is there something else I need to do to make those menu selections appear?

DOH!  Thanks, works as expected.

You mentioned ruuning SeasonPass and then doing the tethered boot, but you did not mention subsequently running the FireCore installer on your PC/Mac to get the FireCore software onto your ATV2 over the network…  This software is not part of SeasonPass which is the free jailbreaking tool, but is available as a download from your FireCore account assuming you have bought the FireCore software.