web site feedback

Wow folks. The new site is much better than the last. It is easier to get around and find what you are looking for. Thank you.

It seems that we can't get to our older comments and reply's from our account area - My Account, POST area.


If you click to see the post you have a broken link.






 Thank You

Thanks, glad your like the new site. :slight_smile:

Sorry, will be fixed soon.

 I'm now getting "Password Expired" when I try and login to my account. The "recoevery" process send me a "use once" email that take me to a page where I'm asked to login and of course the password isn't accepted, I've gone round in circles 5 times now and it seems impossible to either reset the password or login any more. Not a very good change in my view.

My Account, POST area is now working,



Sorry, this has been fixed as well.

Really like the new color scheme and design. The only thing that is annoying is 'gray' shadow below links in Links/Latest News/Twitter panel.

Problem Fixed, Thanks

hi there,

i have a problem on the site, when i try to log in.

i use firefox 7.x and saved my username/password inside ff.

but only the password appears on the loginscreen, not the username.

i have to type the username by hand.


some people might think, that could be a security issue, to let the users type their username by hand, but i don’t like that :slight_smile:


can you state, if this is a local problem or is this a feature of your site?